Man terrified after home camera captures ghostly figure inside ‘haunted’ house



This is the bone-chilling moment a ghostly figure in black emerges from a doorway and vanishes in a “haunted” house.

Michael Flannery, 55, said the home in rural Kentucky, US, had been in his wife’s family for decades before the pair moved in last month.

He said her family “always said there was something in there” and that when she was a youngster, she “saw and heard things all the time”.

So to get to the bottom of the mystery, Michael decided to set up a camera and was astounded with what it filmed.

Michael Flannery captured the footage after learning of his new home’s spooky reputation


The bizarre video started off with the sight of the warehouse worker’s vacant bedroom.

Seconds later, a dark black shadow began to move through the doorway and towards the camera.

The dark lighting coloured the white curtain in a darker shade of grey, before moving onto the wall.

Bizarrely, the shadow then moved back out of the room.


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Michael, a warehouse worker, said: “My wife’s grandparents moved into the house in 1973 – they bought it from the man who built it and I was told that his mother had passed in the house.

“My wife’s grandfather died in the house too and they always said there was something in there.

“When she was a kid, she and her cousins were afraid of the place.

“They had seen and heard things all the time and they wouldn’t even go in some of the rooms. “

Michael has been unable to explain the baffling footage since he saw it so posted the clip online last month to get viewer’s thoughts.

The bone-chilling moment a ghostly figure in black emerges from a doorway and vanishes in a ‘haunted’ house


One person said: “Something weird happened.”

A second added: “Woah!”

But a third sceptical viewer commented: “It was a bug across a lightbulb.”

Michael dismissed claims his footage was fake and admitted he may be “making the haunting more active than before” due to rehab being done on the house.

It comes after an office worker believed he saw a shadow across the camera despite anyone being present.


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