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What would you buy if you had trillions of dollars? Private jets, millions of cats an island? Well turns out U-S President Trump is considering that last one! He’s floated the idea of America buying Greenland and while that’s probably not going to happen similar things have been done before!

In 1867, Then U.S president Andrew Johnson signed off on paying 107.2 million to buy Alaska from Russia! Let’s cut this old school thing. Yep, buying territory from another nation isn’t a new idea at all. And Greenland is a territory owned by Denmark although it has its own government. So hypothetically this is possible. But why would America want to buy Greenland? Well, Greenland is also full of natural resources like coal, zinc and copper, and it’s in a good strategic spot for things like military bases. Which America has already. The U-S has actually tried to buy Greenland before after the end of the second war so it’s not a new idea. But Greenland doesn’t seem too keen. Of course it’s pretty unlikely it’ll happen and even President Trump says it’s just an idea. So the people of Greenland can probably relax for now.

Now speaking of cold places people in Iceland have held a funeral for a glacier. This is the Ok volcano and this is what the top of it used to look like. The glacier was around 700 years old and it used to stretch about 15 square killer-metres. But decades ago it started to disappear and in 2014 it was officially declared dead. Now about 100 people have hiked to the volcano to install a plaque to draw more attention to how climate change is affecting the planet.

A woman in Queensland has given her car a makeover to help cheer up her neighbourhood! Fiona lives in Townsville and earlier this year the city was hit with a terrible flood. Fiona says she didn’t have electricity for a week so she knitted to pass the time! She thought that covering her whole car in yarn and driving it around would help put a smile on people’s faces during a tough time.

The second test of the ashes has ended in a draw between England and Australia, thanks to some strong batting by the Aussies. But the biggest talking point was about concussion rules after Steve Smith suffered a nasty knock.

This was a really scary moment in the first innings. Steve Smith fell to the ground after being struck in the neck. Thankfully, Smith got up OK. He’s referring to Aussie batsman, Phil Hughes who died after being hit in the back of the head during a match a few years ago. It led to some big safety changes in the game. Including the development of neck guards which Steve Smith wasn’t wearing but Cricket Australia wants to make compulsory. It also introduced stricter concussion rules. After leaving the field Steve Smith had to pass a series of tests before he was allowed to bat again. But the next day, he felt worse. He was pulled out of the match because of concussion and Marnus Labuschagne was subbed in. It’s the first time the concussion substitute rule’s been used in international cricket and Labuschagne made the most of the opportunity top scoring for the Aussies in the second innings with 59. Now, with the third test just days away. Steve Smith’s going to have to pass a lot more tests to make sure’s well enough to play.

And finally, it’s an Animal Frenzy, as we check in with some cheeky creatures around the world. Forget chips and chocolate. How about a raccoon for your 3pm snack? This sneaky criminal trapped itself inside a school vending machine while trying to nab a tasty treat! Authorities came to the rescue but the little bandit didn’t stick around to say thank you!

What do you do when a swarm of bees take over your soccer match??? Here’s a tip, a fire extinguisher doesn’t help. A stadium in Brazil was taken over by the buzzing insects. And they ended up calling in firefighters to help solve the problem! The bees eventually realised they weren’t welcome but only after delaying the game 19 minutes!

And these fluffy cosplayers were actually behaving quite well. As they put on their best costumes for Doggy Con! Presumably with some human assistance. The pet friendly comic convention in Atlanta drew hundreds of dogs and owners. My personal favourite would have to be Yoda from Star Wars. So wise.


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