Ghost news: Man sees ‘spirit of grandad’ in image

Picture of ghostly image


Ghost hunter Jason Griffiths, 31, was visiting the former home of his grandparents, Alan and Maureen Price in Wolverhampton when he made the discovery.

He was contacted by his uncle – who now lives in the house with his girlfriend and son – after his family claimed to have seen a shadowy man walk through the garden bushes.

The ghost hunter and his best mate Steven Richards decided to spend six hours overnight in the house, calling out for any spirits on site to make themselves apparent.

The eerie footage shows the moment Jason was sat upstairs inside the pitch black before became startled by something.

He said: “Woah, that is horrible! Something was just like, a footstep was right next to me!”

The man then revealed a photo he had taken of the Wolverhampton house from the garden, which seemed fine at first glance.

But after looking over the image later, a spooked out Jason noticed a shadowy face peering through the kitchen window – which he said is the spitting image of his grandfather, wearing his favourite flat cap.

Around midnight, the pair split up and Jason went into the garden, while Steven braved the house on his own.

After cutting back from the image, the camera picks up unexplainable noises coming from the stairwell in the house.

Picture of ghostly image

GHOSTLY: Jason believes he saw his grandad Alan’s ghost in the window. Inset: Alan Price (Pic: SWNS)

A terrified Steven states that he had gone ice cold before claiming that “something was behind” him.

“There’s something behind me, the hairs are standing up on the back on my neck,” he says.

“Are you right behind me?”

He later added: “To be honest, I thought at first that someone had broken into the house from upstairs.

“But the movement stopped and the cold air stayed. It was absolutely freezing cold.

“I kept asking ‘if you’re here, show yourself’ and ‘are you here?’.

“The radio jammed a bit and something said ‘we are here’.

“Then I suddenly felt footsteps brush past me. You can see on the video I jump an absolute mile because I felt a foot next to me in the gap between me and the door.”

The pair upload their ghost hunting adventures to Facebook, where they have 2,000 followers, as well as nearly 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

It is not the first time a so-called ghost encounter has hit the headlines.

Yesterday, a shop worker was filmed on CCTV fleeing in terror after ghostly goings-on occurred.


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