Beast of Bodmin SPOTTED? Dad films ‘panther-like’ creature

Image of the animal. Inset of Jaguar


Anthony Dickinson, 75, was driving back to his holiday cottage through the scenic routes when he spotted the big black cat.

He estimated the creature was as tall as his waist.

In the video, filmed from the back seats of the car, a cat-like animal walks over the brow of the hill in the distance.

Passengers of the car can be heard questioning what it was.

They quickly grow curious about the animal and urge the driver to get closer to it.

A female passenger claims the animal “was only a cat”.

But another asks: “That’s a dog, isn’t it? That’s not a cat.”

One of the passengers claim it is the “Beast of Bodmin” – a phantom wild cat alleged to live in Cornwall.

The group went in search of the animal who had slowly walked into the high grass pictured not the road’s side.

Image of the animal. Inset of Jaguar

SPOTTED BEAST: One passenger claimed the animal was the ‘Beast of Bodmin’ (Pic: SWNS)

Determined to clarify what the animal was, Jason and his son got out of the car and began to hunt the creature down.

They peered over a gate in the grass, which Jason said gave way to a 10ft drop onto a large plain.

But the search proved unsuccessful.

Anthony said he was shocked to have seen such a big and potentially dangerous cat near Capelands Farm, where families often stay for holidays.

He filmed the supposed sighting back in 2015 but has only spoken out about it now, amid a string of similar incidents in recent weeks.

“I was just filming the path up to the bungalow,” Anthony later said.

“I couldn’t tell how long it was, but it was about the height of the grass it went into, which came to six inches above my knee I’d say.

“We were out there for about five minutes – and I guess that since we’d thought we’d seen the Beast of Bodmin, that was a bit silly of us really.”

It comes after a Cornish man claimed his dog was mauled in broad daylight by a “panther”.


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